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Below you will find information on past ISIAQ conference proceedings and task force reports. Beginning with the Proceedings for Indoor Air 2018, the downloadable version is available to members free of charge. Proceedings for non-members or members who would like a copy on a flash drive are available for the purchase price of $50.00. Proceedings from events and reports prior to Indoor Air 2018 are available by download free of charge where noted.
To access proceedings or reports, follow the links below or email the corresponding person listed in the table below.
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PublicationNon-Member PriceMember PriceAvailable FromEmail
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2023, Tianjin, China                50
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2023, Aachen, Germany50
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2022, Kuopio, Finland50
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2021 America    50
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2021 EuropeN/AN/
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2020, Virtual   50 USDFREEISIAQ
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2019 Asia, Changsha, China50 USDFREE
Extended Papers - ISES/ISIAQ 2019 Joint Conference, Kaunas, Lithuania50 USDFREE    ISIAQ  
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2018, Philadelpia, PA, USAFREE, send email requestFREEISIAQ  
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe, Lublin,
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2016, Ghent,
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2015 America, Boulder, CO
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2014, Hong Kong
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2012, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2011, Austin, TX, USA
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2009, Syracuse, NY, USA 
(Flash Drive Format)
99 USD30
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2008, Copenhagen,
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2006, Lisboa, Portugal 
(CD Format)
140 EUR110 EURAnabela
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2006, Lisboa, Portugal
(Print Format)
190 EUR160 EURAnabela
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2005, Beijing,
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2003, Singapore, 2003
(CD Format)
160 EUR135 EURKwok Wai
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2003, Singapore, 2003
(Print Format)
150 USD125 EURKwok Wai
Proceedings, Indoor Air 2002, Monterey, CA,
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2000, Espoo, Finland
(CD Format)
70 EUR70 EURHelka
Proceedings, Healthy Buildings 2000, Espoo, Finland
(Print Format)
50 EUR50 EURHelka
Proceedings, Indoor Air 1999, Edinburgh, Scotland
(CD Format)
100 GBP100 GBPClaire
Proceedings, Indoor Air 1996, Nagoya, Japan
(Print Format)
222 USD178 USDHelka
Proceedings, Indoor Air Quality in Practice: Moisture & Cold Climate Solutions, Oslo, Norway, 199560 EUR60 EURSiri
Proceedings, Indoor Air 1990, Toronto, Canada
(Print Format)
125 CND125 CNDDoug

Task Force Reports
PublicationNon-Member priceMember PriceAvailable FromEmail
ISIAQ-CIB Task Group 42 Report:  Performance Criteria of Buildings for Health and Comfort, 2004Download the TG 42 ReportDownload the TG 42 Report  
Task Force Report:  ISIAQ Review on Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals and other Health Care Facilities, 2003 (PDF)20 USDContact
Creation of Healthy Indoor Environment in Schools. ISIAQ Task Force on Schools – A Nordic approach. 2001 (PDF)11 USD7
Task Force Report: TFII-1998 General Principles for the Investigation of IAQ Complaints (PDF)50 USD28
Task Force Report:  TFI-1996 Control of Moisture Problems Affecting Biological Indoor Air Quality (PDF)50 USD33
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