IA 2008 Proceedings page

Volume 1
A study on urban thermal field and heat island effect of Lanzhou city in summer
Evaluation of detailed thermal environment and cooling loads for task and ambient air-conditioning systems using unsteady-state simulation that combines macroscopic model with CFD
A comparative study of ADMS, ASHRAE and wind tunnel simulation for rooftop dispersion of airborne pollutants
Generation of dust balls and their aerodynamic properties
Examination on performance of headset incorporated personalized ventilation unit using CFD method
The impact of building materials interaction on perceived air quality
Indoor aerosol transport and deposition for various types of space heating
Impact of air movement on perceived air quality at different pollution level and temperature
A new detailed model for indoor air chemistry
HVAC solution for shopping centers
Formaldehyde in newly built dwellings
Sustainable schools: Better than traditional schools?
Sustainable HRH heating for school; A good solution for energy saving, but what about the thermal comfort?
A study on indoor environment in bedroom and segmentation of sleepers in Korea
A simple method to simulate complex air diffusers used for underfloor air distribution systems
Mould-growth in Danish dwellings
The relationship between severity of indoor visible mold and respiratory health among pre-school children in Taiwan
Emission of volatile organic compounds from deacidified paper
The Vinegar Syndrome. Early warning improves the occupational health and the preservation of the collection of films
Total building economic consequences of the effect of temperature on mental performance of office workers
Indoors mould removal: do official guidelines and training help to improve mould removal?
Modelling of particle movement in ventilated rooms - Orientation distributions of nonspherical particles
Comparisons between predictions of numerical thermal manikin model and experiments under solar radiation
The impact of building materials interaction on perceived air quality
Building services engineering in health care - A Swiss CTI and brenet project
Development and validation of desktop and rectangular air terminal devices for personalized ventilation in the Tropics
Droplets expelled during human expiratory activities and their origin
Particle emission from laser printers
Indoor environmental quality in assessment system of buildings
Transport and deposition of aerosols in child respiratory airways in full breathing cycle
Environmental evaluation of fresh water aquarium with glass roof
Impact of air movement on perceived air quality at different pollution level and temperature
Avoiding draught discomfort with personalized ventilation used at the low range of comfortable room air temperature
The correlation of microbial and chemical contents of indoor air and percieved IAQ
A pilot study on the effects of building ventilation duct cleaning on indoor air quality and SBS symptoms of occupants
Improved thermal comfort with a personal cooling vest
Non-complaint office buildings
Indoor climate and global climate change: Exploring connections
Air temperature effects on thermal perception and a salivary biomarker in non-asthmatic and asthmatic subjects in the Tropics
Evaluation of thermal comfort in wall cooling system
Inhalation of reaction products from ozone-initiated indoor chemistry
Manipulation of building envelope wind pressure loading via moveable flow-resistance devices
Study on change evaluation of indoor air quality on newly-established elementary schools by educational activities in Seoul Korea
Indoor environment characteristics in dwellings in Sofia
Methodology for examination of respiratory and cardiovascular effects of airborne nanoparticles abundant in indoor environments
An acceptable level of odor in dwellings
Evaluation of odor in Japanese dwellings
Passive housing design for preventing winter mould growth
Removal of influenza viral aerosols by high efficiency electrostatic air cleaner and implications for household infection transmission
Impact of varying ventilation and recirculation rates in the presence of different filters scenarios on energy consumption
Sources of metal exposure in the home environment as predictors of body burden in infants living in a mining-impacted community
Material labelling: Combined material emission tests and sensory evaluations
Diffuse ceiling ventilation, a new concept for healthy and productive classrooms
Fungal exposure risk in indoor environment
Indoor air quality of air-conditioned offices of Hong Kong: An IAQ policy influence
Assessing traffic-induced noise in residential environments in Hong Kong
Common VOCs and formaldehyde in indoor air of Finnish office buildings
Choices of sampling locations for assessment of air pollutant exposure concentrations in an open-plan office of Hong Kong
IAQ benchmarks of air-conditioned offices in Hong Kong
Applications of bayesian assessment in indoor air quality (IAQ) sampling
Renovation of a 'sick building' - The challenge of attaining confidence among occupants
Measured public benefits from energy efficient homes
Combined analysis of environmental characteristics affecting mite allergen load (Acari) in dutch bedrooms
Environmental Specimen Banking: An instrument for indoor air research?
Iterative optimisation using simple simulation tools to improve building design in hot and humid climates
Planning healthy buildings - A Swiss label that insures quality
Effects of anthropometric differences among males of different racial groups on simulated thermal responses
A survey of indoor pollutants in swimming pools in France
Air quality and characteristics of indoor ice rinks in France
Children's indoor leisure activities in France: Time budget data
Modelling of aerosol transport and deposition in a ventilated room
Evaluation of mold growth for wooden material of the indoor environment in Taiwan
Mold growth of the concrete material on the wall under the hot humid environment in Taiwan
Thermal environment in a space with capillary mats large-area cooling and heating
Applying the Wells-Riley equation to the risk of airborne infection in hospital environments: The importance of stochastic and proximity effects
Bioaerosol production from routine activities within a hospital ward
CFD modelling of a hospital ward: Assessing risk from bacteria produced from respiratory and activity sources
The bactericidal effects of negative ions in air
Determination of formaldehyde hemoglobin adducts in mice as a biological exposure index for multiple chemical sensitivity
The feasibility of indoor humidity control against avian influenza
The effects of environment-friendly wall papers on mould growth at different environmental conditions
Is a quantitative risk assessment of air quality in underground parking garages possible?
Resuspension rates of carrier particle mediated indoor contaminants in the 0.5 - 10 micron regime
Measurement of in-vehicle VOC concentrations in public buses
Indoor and outdoor VOC levels in Spanish pubs and caf
Comparison of ultra-fine particle release from an active hardcopy device in an emission test chamber and an office room
Concentration of airborne bioaerosol at the apartment houses in South Korea
Volume 2
Harmonisation of material emission labelling schemes in the EU
Study on human physiological models for hot environments
Formaldehyde in new dwellings
Formaldehyde analysis in complex aqueous media by HPLC/post-column derivatization: A key-method to avoid interferences
The method to quantifying the supply airflow rate in the under-floor air distribution (UFAD) systems
"Healthy" eye in office-like environments
The BUMA (Prioritization of building materials as indoor pollution sources) project: An Overview
Window-opening behaviour when classroom temperature and air quality are manipulated experimentally (ASHRARE 1257-RP)
Relationship between indoor air particle pollution and the phenomenon of "black magic dust" in housings
Calculation of Johnson and Ettinger model parameters using indoor air and soil gas measurements
The evaluation of productivity and energy consumption in 28?C office with several cooling methods for workers
Collection of submicron aerosol particles using a fibrous filter with ion generators
Objective evaluation method of workers' physiological responses that affect productivity in moderately hot environment
Can long-term emissions be predicted with models based on short-term emissions?
Comparative evaluation of thermal plumes formed above a thermal manikin and humans ? The pilot study results
The effect of indoor environment factors on occupants' stress and anxiety in the combined environment
Exposure to TBEP during cleaning work
Evaluation and analysis of biological and personal monitoring for non-occupational exposure to para-dichlorobenzene in Japan
Evaluation of objective dry eye tests relevant for indoor air research
Healthy sustainable houses in Stockholm (3H), the field study
The relationship between health complaints, the quality of indoor air and housing characteristics
A new test method for indoor air cleaner efficiency determination and harmlessness assessment
Prediction of long-term personal exposure to airborne polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons based on short-term personal, indoor and outdoor measurements
Ventilation (estimated three ways) and building-related symptoms in U.S. office buildings ? The U.S. EPA BASE study
Energy-neutral personal ventilation
Development and evaluation of assessment method for aerosolized antineoplastic agents
An experimental study on the fate of expiratory droplets in aircraft cabin
Thermal comfort and indoor air quality when building low-energy houses
Numerical investigation of dispersion and deposition characteristics of expiratory droplets in aircraft cabin
Prevalence, causes, and health effects of dampness and mould in German homes
Research on measurement of volatile organic compounds emission using a sampling bag
Ozonation of VOCs over various porous materials for indoor air purification
Research on evaluation methods for SVOCs (semi-volatile organic compounds) using glass plates
Research on task/ambient air conditioning system using multi-packaged air conditioner
Generation rates and emission factors of PM2.5 and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons of incenses from four countries
The research on consumers? preference for environment related performance of house
Optimal control strategy of air handling unit for different microclimates in working and swimming areas of a swimming pool hall
Occupants' evaluation of indoor climate and environmental control systems in office buildings
User-based window operation in an office building
Emissions and toxicological evaluation of VOC and formaldehyde released from solid building materials: A contribution to the French NEHAP
Ultra-fine particle release from hardcopy devices: Influence of different parameters, sources, characterization and efficiency of filter accessories
A comparative study of room acoustics in highly humid spaces
Simultaneous measurement of single-pass efficiency and clean air delivery rate
VOCs and formaldehyde emissions from cleaning products and air fresheners
The massive fungal contamination of the inner surface of duct in an air conditioning system, and result of remedial action
Distributed demand controlled ventilation for improving IAQ
VOC emission testing of low-emitting paints and varnishes
A control strategy to prevent the impact of outside and load conditions on the hygro-thermal performance of a desiccant cooling system
A further validation of turbulence models for an indoor airflow test facility
Development of French indoor air quality guidelines: Method and example for formaldehyde
Impact of domestic woodburning appliances on indoor air quality
Measuring levels, assessing determinants and variabilities of nanoparticle concentrations in residential environment, The NANOP Project
Differences between emission sources of formaldehyde in an indoor environment in wooden houses and reinforced concrete buildings
CFD modelling of ultrafine particle number concentration and dispersion at a bus station
Analysis of particle number concentration in a mechanically ventilated office equipped with a printer
The study on the measurement method for glutaraldehyde using a miniature diffusion scrubber
Influence of decomposed chemical emissions from PVC flooring on perceived air quality
The BUMA Field campaigns: VOCs measurements
Co-cultivation with amoebae can potentiate the cytotoxicity and proinflammatory effects of microbes from moisture-damaged buildings
Characterization of tobacco odor in smoking environment Part 2 - Search for tobacco odor marker
Experimental research on the bioaerosol FE of air filter media
The determinants of bacterial levels in house dust
Preparation of bio-antimicrobial filter media and efficacy evaluation
Evaluation of the effectiveness of isolation facilities in preventing the nosocomial spread of viral disease through airborne route
Measurement of number and mass concentration of particulate matter in rural and urban Pakistani households
Engineering interventions of indoor transmission of airborne diseases in an urban community
Assessment of indoor fungal and bacterial bioaerosol concentrations in residential houses in Pakistan
Fundamental study on perflourocarbon tracer gas technique
Thermal comfort - The extra-physical aspects
Indoor air quality in Polish kindergartens
Ventilation in Japanese schools
The influence of the air exchange rate and surface air velocity on the emission of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) from vinyl flooring in the emission cell FLEC
Quality assessment in building survey
Indoor microbial exposure assessment using quantitative pcr methods
Impact of home based economic activities on housing and microenvironment
Reproducibility of microbial quantitative pcr analyses from rug dust samples
The combined effects of thermal environment and ventilation rate on productivity
Dose-response relations for health effects caused by airborne office dust
Actions against dampness and mould - A case study review
Levels of aromatic volatile organic compounds in public transportation modes in Bangkok, Thailand
Presentation of a local indoor air service in Belgium - few cases and results of interventions
The effect of using low-polluting building materials on perceived air quality and ventilation requirements in real rooms
VOCs removal by gas - Liquid contactor immersed in ionized water
Microbial levels in house dust - Associations with childhood asthma and moisture damage
Results from a two part study of the airliner cabin environment
Individual dynamic lighting control in a daylit space
A study on the evaluation of measurement uncertainty in the HCHO emission test by using small chamber
Nano particle emission from nanofilm household products for surface coating during application
Application of a thermophysiological model for assessing non-uniform thermal environments
Formaldehyde emissions from mineral wool in building constructions into indoor air
European interlaboratory study for sampling VOC emissions - Step 1 - liquid samples added on Tenax tubes
Comprehensive Analysis of indoor air - Untargeted GC/MS analysis of SPE trapped organic compounds for classification of "sick" buildings using uni- and multivariate data analysis
Yields of carbonyl compounds from the reactions of a-terpineol and limonene with indoor reactants
Investigation of ozone + VOC chemistry on surfaces
Study of the basic indoor environmental parameters in the office building and their influence on the quality of working environment
Gas-phase chemistry of a-terpineol and ß-ionone with the nitrate radical: Rate constants and reaction products
Detecting odorous compounds emitted from building and consumer products within the European Project SysPAQ
The method to quantifying the supply airflow rate in the under-floor air distribution (UFAD) systems
Feasibility of detection and quantification of gas-phase carbonyls in indoor environments using PFBHA derivatization and solid-phase microextraction (SPME)
The effect of mould in schools on nasal patency of primary school students
A dual-chamber experimental method for determining the transport properties of building materials
Review on visual comfort in office buildings and influence of daylight in productivity
Evaluation of UV dose of upper-room UVGI system in a ward using CFD simulation
Reverse aging of the sooty ventilation filters
Which indoor pollutants are relevant to measure?
Influence of artificial lighting on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in museum showcases
Airway effects of ultra-fine particles formed in the ozone-limonene system
Primary and secondary emissions in museum showcases - impact on exhibits
The BUMA (Prioritization of building materials as indoor pollution sources) project: An Overview
European interlaboratory study for sampling VOC emissions - Step 2 - Sampling with Tenax tubes at an emission test chamber
Sampling and characterisation of ultra fine particles released from laser printers
The performance of schoolwork by children is not affected by short-term electrostatic particle filtration outside the pollen season
Reactions of ozone and air with soot on ventilation and quartz filter
Assessment of the catalytic decomposition of volatile organic compounds for IAQ improvement
Diversity analyses of indoor actinomycetes
There is more mould in mouldy houses
Determinations of mVOCs by a solid phase microextraction diffusive sampler
Air cleaning technologies ? Function requirements and energy efficiency
Retrospective field study of the long-term performance of remediation methods in major building crawl space foundations
Protection against cross infection in hospital beds with integrated personalized ventilation
Influence of heat exchanger design on condensate carryover
The effect of photocatalytic interior paints on VOCs in indoor air
Indoor SVOC dynamics: chlorpyrifos partitioning and persistence
Kerosene space heaters: a major source of ultrafine particles indoors
Exposure to elemental mercury from a spill
The evaluation of productivity and energy consumption in 28?C office with several cooling methods for workers
Methods of post occupancy assessment for post-disaster housing
On the association between dorm environmental factors and asthma and allergies among college students in China
Investigation of surface temperature distributions of UVC lamps under variable flow conditions using infrared camera measurements
Modeling and measurement of the irradiance distribution in an in-duct UVGI device
Collection of submicron aerosol particles using a fibrous filter with ion generators
Silver-deposited activated carbon fiber for bioaerosol control
Rapid monitoring of indoor bioaerosols using impactor and ATP bioluminescence
Measurement of airborne respirable particles containing Japanese cedar pollen allergen (Cry j 1) in Saitama residential zones of Kanto Area, Japan
Volume 3
Evaluation of indoor air quality using biosensor based on Japanese Medaka, Killifish
Energy consumption forecast of air-conditioner and environmental measure in public elementary schools
Natural ventilation design in a building and experiment validation
Research on coupled natural ventilation with building thermal modelling
Investigation on immunologic skewedness toward type-2 response prone to respiratory allergic diseases in public facility employees
A conceptual framework for comfort evaluation focused on occupants? responses in work environments
Resistance of green building materials to mold growth
Respiratory health responses to indoor environmental odors, biological contaminants, and humidity as measured in the BASE study
Impact of air pollution caused by human bioeffluents on perceived air quality in warm condition
Indoor concentrations of combustion gases from the use of unvented gas fireplaces in 30 homes
Investigation of thermal comfort, IAQ and energy performance in a conference hall with respect to the variation of air conditioning system
A simple investigation method for screening of indoor air quality
Effects of electric fields on charged particles in elementary school near power line
A method with soft computing for correspond promptly to abnormality of the indoor environment and HVAC system
Methods for improving thermal environment of railway stations
Development of clean train for better indoor air quality of passenger cabin
Examination of purging flow rate around electric appliances to measure SVOCs using CFD analysis
Influence of room temperature on long time memory as work performance
Performance of walk-in stability chamber for indoor environmental quality and productivity study at UTHM
Changes of indoor air environment in classrooms of an elementary school before-after installing cooling system
Study on the effect of the heat island relaxation measures on urban thermal environment and cooling load of buildings with ventilation in the present office areas
Detection of airborne fungi using DNA analysis
Effect of UV light illumination on volatile organic compounds emissions from interior materials of train passenger cabin
Distribution of carbon dioxide in a naturally ventilated room with high internal heat load
Rotary heat exchangers and VAV systems
Exposure to airborne organic compounds inside passenger vehicles
Measurement of chemical pollutants emitted from livingware using chamber method
Chemical compounds in indoor dust
Particle size and distribution of oil mist from cooking equipments in electrical commercial kitchens
"Ductless" personalized ventilation in conjunction with displacement ventilation
Airborne fungi in schools measured by quantitative PCR in relation to asthmatic symptoms and airway infections in pupils in Taiyuan schools, China
Outdoor and indoor sources to ultrafine and fine particles in an urban apartment
Evaluation method of energy consumption of photocatalytic air purifiers used in a building with emission sources
Occupational versus household exposure to endotoxin and sick building syndrome-related symptoms in librarians
Assessment of user reaction to glare with three solar shading systems
Enhanced CFD technique to reproduce wind pressure distribution around buildings
The performance evaluation on PCM in eco-house
The development of indoor air pollution monitoring system (IAPMOS) towards sustainable work environment
Indoor airborne fungi assessment in homes of newborn babies from Paris area
Human subjects' perception of indoor environment and their office work performance during exposures to moderate operative temperature ramps
The indoor characteristics of phthalate exposure from children?s facilities and apartments in Seoul (Korea)
Application of the CFD technique to choose the optimum of air distribution in a ventilated room
The effect of indoor air quality in office spaces by using mechanical ventilation and connected with the industrial building
Effect of sleep environment to sleep quality in case of women in winter
The influence of draught on a seat with integrated personalized ventilation
Mass spectrometry methods for determining mycotoxins in dust and building materials from water-damaged indoor environments in southern Sweden and New Orleans, USA
Application of the hybrid ventilation concepts to a real building: A hospice sited in the North East region of Italy
Improving indoor air quality using a combined ozone-UV system
Resistance-type moisture meters with standard short pin probes cannot rule out mold risk in realistic situations
High performance intervention houses in North Carolina ? An attempt to control indoor relative humidity at 50% year round
Removal efficiency of airborne benzo[a]pyrene through air conditioning system after improvement of filter system
Characterization of smelling building materials with an electronic nose based on a gradient gas sensor microarray
Performance analyses of an operation room in health-care facilities
Acoustical environment evaluation of joint-classrooms for elementary schools
Estimation of thermal insulation of clothing in various wind conditions
Indoor air and cleaning - Theory and practice
Measurement of emission rate for SVOCs released from full-sized electrical appliances using purging flow rate
Proteomic studies of bacterial diversity in indoor air
Aerodynamic particle resuspension due to foot motion
Hydrogen peroxide vapor as a building disinfectant: Removal to indoor materials and formation of building disinfection by-products
Air quality assessment of post Hurricane Katrina flood reclaimed homes
Ozone removal on HVAC filters: underlying mechanisms, model development, and parameter estimation
A neurobehavioral approach for evaluation of the effects of thermal environment on office worker?s productivity
Improvement of a method to measure respiratory tract deposition of ambient aerosol on humans - Application on agglomerated candle smoke particles
Ventilation conditions
The effect evaluation of electric appliances on indoor air quality
Personal exposure of magnetic field classified according to daily activity pattern
A reversed cross-over intervention study of the impact of different types of used ventilation bag filters on perceived air quality in a hospital office environment
Evaluation of indoor environment conditions in offices: Field study and CFD simulations
Survey on visual comfort in a house daylit by mirror duct system
Evaluation of thermal comfort of thermal environment for different heating systems
Evaluation of thermal environments in vehicles by CFD coupled with numerical thermoregulation-model JOS
Ultra-fine particle sensors for indoor air pollution monitoring and control
Recent control and regulations of indoor air quality in Dorea
Thermal performance evaluation of double skin facade with vertical blinds
Optimal dynamic control of water feed temperature for heated/cooled seats in summer conditions
Occupant exposure to resuspended particles from floor surfaces in typical indoor environments
The engineer: A caterer for the brain - How to achieve well-being
Radon prevention and mitigation: The World Health Organization?s review of policies, standards, and practices in the global community
A comparative study of decontaminant delivery strategies in unoccupied commercial aircraft cabins
Benefits and technological challenges in the implementation of TiO2-based ultraviolet photocatalytic oxidation (UVPCO) air cleaners
The present status on the pollutant infiltration from the concealed spaces in Japanese houses
Physically-based modelling of the influence of humidity on the efficiency of activated-carbon filters
The effects of renovation work on the air quality and occupants in university buildings
The influence of ventilation on buildings? energy performance
Investigation of key parameters influencing the efficient photocatalytic oxidation of indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Indoor pollutants emitted by electronic office equipment
Effects of increased ventilation flow in computer classrooms on the perception of indoor climate and air quality ? A blinded experimental study in university students
Fungal DNA in allergen avoidance and conventional Swedish day care centers - Associations with building characteristics, allergen levels and indoor climate
Field survey of visual comfort and energy efficiency in various office buildings utilizing daylight
Easy to use measurement equipment for emissions from interior finishing materials in buildings in use
CFD analysis of thermal environment of a room with floor heating or air conditioning
Social class, climate and building-related determinants of self-reported and observed moulds and dampness in dwellings in Europe: A nine year follow up study within the ERCHS-II
The impact of different light sources on the formation of secondary organic aerosol from ozonolysis of terpenes in indoor environment
Evaluation of odor emitted from laser printer
Thermal comfort conditions and air distribution in educational buildings
Indoor air, psychosocial factors and sick building syndrome in office employees
The impact of plug-in air cleaners on airborne particle concentrations in office and residential settings
Development of new type active sampler for measuring SVOCs
Thermal comfort conditions in train stations
Airborne mold types and concentrations in indoor environments with mold growth occurring in exterior wall cavities
Interference of the change of urban soil use in the dynamics of the ventilation inside the "Vila" 37
A study of the air circulation with the application of wind catch in a confined space: Case of house VI of "Vila" 37
STUDY DORES: The effect of exposure to glucan spiked dust on bronchial responsiveness and eNO
Terpene emissions from pinewood furniture boards - Implications on indoor air quality
Quaternary ammonium compounds (QUAT) in house dust
National development program for hospital facilities
Efficacy of a healthy cleaning programme in practice
Reduction of particle emission in hard floor cleaning
Study on photocatalytic degradation of gaseous trimethylamine using TiO2 synthesized by a sol-gel method
On-road quantification of the key characteristics of automobile HVAC systems in relation to in-cabin submicrometer particle pollution
Particle resuspension from indoor flooring materials
HVAC filter bypass modelling and experimental validation
Indoor air quality investigation of newly built hotels in Pearl River Delta
Measurement and simulation of thermal and ventilation performance of retrofitted apartment houses
Numerical analysis on decreasing effect of pollutant concentration with absorptive building material in standard house
Indoor air pollution in the homes of elderly asthmatics
Oxidation byproduct exposure in the aircraft cabin environment
Byproducts from ozone reactions with residual surface chemicals
Research development of bioaerosol samplers using multi-plate elutriators
Application of swirl flow to improve ventilation effectiveness in smoking rooms
Volume 4
Development of high sensitivity SSB radiation detectors for a radon measurement in air
The importance of the thermal environment in psychiatric care settings
Occupational exposure to nitrous oxide and sevoflurane in Finnish hospitals
Effects of smoking on indoor air quality and personal exposure to particles in an office environment
Measurement and field survey in air-conditioning and non air-conditioning working spaces in transition seasons
Analytical study on the optimal control algorithm of a hybrid plant
Experimental proof of energy-saving effect by commissioning using heat source system simulation
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) sorbed on air filters of air handling unit - A case study
The relationship between low emission building material used and sick house syndrome in Southern Taiwan
Exposure to flame retardants and phthalates in dwellings
Environmental quality index (EQI) for engineering laboratory
Evaluation of carbonyl compounds of indoor air quality in some allergy patient?s home
Experiment on the effect of cross ventilation on cooling energy conservation by applying simulated occupancy
Housing quality, health and safety - an internet based data collection and response system (ALTTI)
Spatial information as part of the research on housing quality, health, and safety
The association between concentration of DEHP and BBzP in indoor dust in Bulgarian homes and selected building characteristic
A dose-response relationship between the severity of indoor visible mold and total serum IgE levels of children in Taiwan
Practical use of new visual discomfort probability index in the control strategy for solar shading devices
The perceived indoor climate in Swedish schools
Hazards of VOCs emissions from indoor building material and ventilation effectiveness in Taiwan
Study of ventilation efficiency in air circulation areas, following the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE)
Indoor relative humidity simulation in a building with humidity controlled natural ventilation
Risk communication is an efficient tool when assessing buildings with suspected indoor climate problems
Mould resistance assessment of building materials - Material specific isopleth-systems for practical application
Indoor air quality investigation with naive panels
Quantitative analysis of natural ventilation in the Seoul Metropolitan Subways
By-product generation and cleaning efficiency of air cleaning devices
Occupants? satisfaction with the visual environment in a single office with individual lighting and solar shading control
New target values for indoor environment in the Finnish Classification of Indoor Climate 2008
Study on the indoor air quality of Seoul Metropolitan Subway (SMS) during the rush hour
Thermal manikin experiments for the investigation of simultaneous radiant temperature asymmetry and warm floor exposures
Evaluation of ventilation systems and IAQ in domestic kitchen
Use of mass spectrometry for determining microbial toxins in indoor environments
Comparison of a constant air volume system and a demand controlled ventilation system in a residential building
A research for the characteristics of contaminants of indoor air in the car
Bacterial species in indoor environments ? an uncharacterized exposure agent
Microbial patterns in smoke and tobacco of cigarettes purchased in different countries
Residential air conditioning, comfort and demand response
Comparison of indoor air quality on a passenger ship and a chemical ship
Thermal comfort conditions having surface heating and fresh air introduced directly in the room
Semi volatile organic compounds and flame retardants ? An overview on their occurrence in indoor environments and in Finnish buildings
Dust on books in the libraries
The influence of processing conditions on plastic material odor
Exposure to bioaerosols at libraries
Identification of odorous sulfur containing organic compounds in building products on gypsum basis
Influence of low aircraft cabin pressure on taste and odor perception
Fine particles in various Swedish indoor environments
Rapid and simple solid phase micro extraction sampling for on-site evaluation of volatile organic compounds emitted from building materials
Improving thermal comfort in manufacturing halls through changes to the buildings structure
Bacterial contamination of the air in farmhouses
Assessment of formaldehyde and VOC emission from wooden furniture with different surface coatings
A low cost nanoparticle monitor for screening measurements in indoor environments
Evaluation of comfort level in seated students in classrooms? desks using a personalized ventilation system
Development and application of a sorbent tube method to determine carbon disulphide in indoor and ambient air
Investigation to the cause of mould growth in a hotel building due to air infiltration
New solar shading system based on daylight directing solar glass lamellas
Validation of new sampling strategy for respirable asbestos fibers in the air
A study on air quality monitoring in subway stations with use of Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN)
Seasonal fluctuations of outdoor airborne fungi
Analysis of organic chemicals in household dust
Investigation of thermal comfort before and after office relocation
Determinants of susceptibility to nasal effects of exposures to dust spiked with glucan or aldehydes
Effect of microwave radiation on viability and cytotoxicity of fungal spores growing on building materials
Measuring perceived air quality and intensity by a sensor system, the European Project SysPAQ
Exposure to flame retardants during a fire in two apartments
The effects of work time and repeated procedures on the evaluation of work performance in laboratory experiments
Comparison of PBDE levels in dust samples from residential and working environment
A survey on characteristics of distribution for indoor air pollutants in museum environments
Analysis of air quality and PM10 source in the railway vehicles
Antimicrobial characteristics of silver nanoparticles against indoor fungal bioaerosols
Air flows in a school with fan-assisted natural ventilation, with the focus on the opening of the exhaust windows
Characterization of indoor aerosols in an office near a road in summer using six aerosol instruments
Thermal comfort and indoor air quality
The influence of occupation on aerosol and CO2 concentration in classroom
A surveillance project of radon levels in schools and preschools in Sweden
Development and validation of a probabilistic model for IAQ and human exposure in offices: Project overview
Update of a multiple regression model to identify multi-family houses with a high prevalence of sick building symptoms, within the Healthy Sustainable House Study in Stockholm (3H)
Comparison of dust from HVAC filters, indoor surfaces, and indoor air
EnVIE project: Most important indoor air related health effects
Thermal comfort, physiological responses and performance during exposure to a moderate temperature drift
Comparison of two different calculation principles for determining the thermal insulation of clothing
Birch and grass pollen allergens in filtered office indoor air
Building AdVent - examples of the use of advanced ventilation technologies in buildings
Long term measurement of mold in inner space of walls in Japanese detached houses
Development of a portable TVOC monitor using an FID with a thermal desorption system
Development and application of a carbon dioxide monitor using a solid electrolyte electrochemical sensor
Study of the ozone-initiated chemistry of terpenes generated by commercial air fresheners in a large environmental chamber
The research regarding the distribution quality investigation of the microorganic kind in part museum indoor air quality
The PM-CARE project: Particulate matter cardio-respiratory effects
Measurement of airflow velocity in half-scale car model using PIV ? In case of foot-mode air conditioning
Evaluation of thermal comfort for various heating systems
Associations between CNS-symptoms, perceived indoor environment and psychosocial work environment in cellular, multiperson and open-plan offices
Thermal comfort in changing room temperature
Presence of an unregistered chemical in laser printer emissions
Adaptive thermal comfort explained by PMV
Indoor air quality in French dwellings
A study of excess ratio for guideline of indoor air pollutants at classrooms of some kindergartens in Korea
Study on personalized dynamic ventilation
A study on the characteristics of indoor air quality in kindergartens
A theoretical analysis on VOCs emission phenomenon by building bake-out
Influence of furnishing on indoor airflow near external walls
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