Vice President Research - Benjamin Hanoune

I obtained my PhD in Molecular Physics in January 1994 at Universite Paris XI. I was a post-doc in Japan (Nobeyama Observatory), France (Universite Lille), and the USA (University of Kansas) until 1998, when I got a permanent CNRS position at PC2A lab oratory (Lille). I did all my career in this laboratory, of which I am now the head. My work in Lille started with the development of spectroscopic instruments to study the chemical reactivity of atmospheric (outdoor) trace species, and to quantify these species in real environments, with a special interest for formaldehyde. In 2005 I initiated the indoor air studies in Lille, with works on chemical characterization of indoor environments, and on the assessment of the potential of plants for the depollution of indoor air. 

In 2013, I started applying miniature sensors for IAQ studies. This resulted in the development of a complete infrastructure for testing, assembling, deploying sensors, and analyzing the data. This multidisciplinary infrastructure is applied, through a citizen science approach, to the investigation of indoor and outdoor pollution levels, 1/0 transfer, source identification, but also opens up new perspectives in the fields of building management, personal exposure determination, behavioral studies ... , which I am now exploring. 

I actively participate in committees of several French research organizations, for atmospheric and indoor air studies and for sensor studies, as well as in  international projects and societies, such as the European network COST on Indoor Air Pollution, and of course ISIAQ since 2011. I was in the core organizing committee of the Indoor Air conference in Gent in 2016, and have been on the scientific committee of the  Indoor Air and Healthy Buildings conferences ever since.
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