Vice President Policy - Kati Huttunen

I am an environmental toxicologist working as a senior researcher at the Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland. My research interests have revolved around indoor air issues since I started my MSc in Environmental Sciences 1998. My PhD in Toxicology (2003) was essentially about toxicological characterization of indoor air microbes and their synergistic effects. After my PhD I continued working with toxicity testing of indoor air and validating toxicological models for studying health effects of air pollution, summing up to ~40 peer reviewed scientific publications and admission of the title of docent in Environmental Health and Toxicology in 2015. My current research focuses on assessing the effects of indoor air particulate matter on the transcriptome of respiratory tissue in vitro. In addition to research, my work includes teaching, community outreach and dissemination efforts. Developing teaching methods and science communication is close to my heart, for I think the real value of science will only show when it is applied to practice and taught to the next generation. Since 2018 I have been the Scientific Communication Manager and member of the Management Committee of COST Action Indoor Air Pollution Network (INDAIRPOLLNET), which has been a great platform to network with indoor air experts around Europe. 
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