Treasurer - James McGrath

Dr James McGrath is a research fellow and honorary research lecturer at the University of Galway, where he has accumulated over 13 years of experience working in the field. His primary research focuses on filling the knowledge gap between building energy performance, risk of overheating and indoor air and environmental quality, including energy retrofit strategies and the application of low-cost remote sensors. He currently serves as the Treasurer on ISIAQ's Board of Directors and vice-chair of ISIAQ STC 12 – Source, monitoring and evaluation: Aerosols. His combined monetary achievements are in excess of €1.8 M as either PI or Co-PI. He has been an invited expert advisor to the steering committee for the Irish National Radon Control Strategy on the topic of ventilation. He has a wealth of experience in public outreach and regularly engages with multiple media outlets (tv productions, radio interviews, and national newspapers) on radon, indoor air quality and ventilation.
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