Treasurer - James McGrath

Dr James A. McGrath (BSc, PGDip, PhD, MinstP, CPhys) is currently working as a senior postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies, National University of Ireland Galway, where he has accumulated over 10 years’ experience working in the field. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science in 2008, specializing in Experimental Physics, and completed his PhD in 2013, which focussed on probabilistic modeling of IAQ. 

His research activities comprise of a numerous research areas: i) the knowledge gap between energy performance, risk of overheating and indoor environmental quality, including the trade-offs between natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation systems; ii) the application of recent developments in indoor air quality sensor technology (low-cost remote sensors) to obtain large scale data collection; iii) new methodologies to reduce radon measurement durations that are still representative of the annual radon concentration iv) fugitive emissions from nebulizers and the potential exposure to bystanders and health care workers; v) indoor aerosol dynamics and influence of charged characteristics on aerosol deposition. He currently leads a number of work packages on various nationally funded projects including VALIDate and ALIVE, where he has accumulated considerable knowledge of financial grant management. 
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