President HB2023 - Europe - Marcel Schweiker

Prof. Dr. Marcel Schweiker is a full professor leading the Teaching and Research Area Healthy Living Spaces, which is embedded in the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen. He received a degree in Architecture from the University of Kassel and then spend 4 years at the Tokyo City University in Japan, where he received a PhD in Environmental and Information Sciences in 2010. Until 2020, he was a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Architecture at the KIT and habilitated in 2017. In parallel, he had a temporary professorship Energy and Technology at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Kaiserslautern, between 2019 and 2020.
Marcel Schweiker was in charge of building the LOBSTER, a unique facility for experimental studies, and is a sub-task leader in two international working groups under the umbrella of the International Energy Agency – Energy in Buildings and Communities program. First, the Annex 69 on adaptive thermal comfort to lower energy use in buildings and second, the Annex 79 on Future pathways to integrate occupant behavioural models into building design and control. He is a member of DIN/ISO standardization committees on ergonomics of the physical environment. His core interests are in improving our understanding on those indoor environmental conditions promoting well-being and health within the built environment.
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