President HB2023 - Asia - Tengfei Zhang

Zhang, Tengfei (Tim) is a professor of Dalian University of Technology and an adjunct professor of Tianjin University of China. His research expertise is thermo-fluid dynamics in building and aircraft cabin, CFD, particle aerosolization, and moisture transfer. He serves in the international journal of Building and Environment, Buildings as an editorial member. Prof. Zhang is the President of Healthy Buildings 2023 Asia and Pacific Rim International Conference.
Prof. Zhang is the PI of the research projects/subprojects of the national Key Basic Research and Development Program, national Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Boeing Commercial Airplane, COMAC, etc. Prof. Zhang has published more than 150 papers and the H-Index is 25 (Google) and I10-Index is 52 (Google). He was recognized as one of the national distinguished young scholars of China in 2016. He received the prestigious Chorafas Dissertation award from Switzerland in 2007 and the most cited article award by the international journal of Building and Environment in 2010. Prof. Zhang was one of the Most Cited Chinese Scholars in each year from 2014 to 2018 according to the Elsevier Publishing Group. His research was once reported by CNN, CNN Headline News, CGTN Europe, and Business Week. He is a holder of 14 Chinese invention patents, 2 U.S. patents, and 1 Japanese patent.

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