Pettenkofer Gold Medal

The Pettenkofer Gold Medal is awarded triennially at the Indoor Air Conference by the Academy to an individual in recognition of outstanding work in advancing the indoor air sciences. The medal, which is the Academy's highest award, honors Prof. Max von Pettenkofer as the founder of modern hygiene with his pioneering work on CO2 and IAQ.
Indoor Air 2022Professor Yuguo Li (China) 
Indoor Air 2020       Professor Tunga Salthammer (Germany)   
Indoor Air 2018        Professor William Nazaroff (USA)   
Indoor Air 2016Professor Shin-Ichi Tanabe (Japan)
Indoor Air 2014    Professor Charles Weschler (USA)
Indoor Air 2011  Professor Jan Sundell (China)
Indoor Air 2008  Professor John D. Spengler (USA)
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