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Unlocking the Student Travel Award: Why Submitting Your Abstract to Indoor Air 2024 is a Must

Hey future indoor air quality champions!

Don't forget that the deadline to submit your abstracts to Indoor Air 2024 is fast approaching! This is a golden opportunity for you to showcase your innovative research to a global audience. Learn more about the submission process here:

But that's not all! If your submission makes it onto the program, you'll also become eligible to apply for the ISIAQ Student Conference Support Award 🎖️✈️. This prestigious award will help you with the costs of attendance, ensuring that financial hurdles don't stand in the way of your academic ambitions. Learn more about the Student Conference Support Award here:

Seize this chance to network with industry leaders and fellow researchers who share your passion for improving indoor air quality. You've been working hard, now let your work shine on the global stage at Indoor Air 2024!

Students, it's time to turn your research paper into your passport! Let's make Indoor Air 2024 a milestone in your budding career!
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