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STC34 presents the extended database, including outdoor air quality!

The database is accessible through the dedicated website directly, or via ISIAQ website.
Based on the feedback and discussions, the STC has decided to extend the database by adding outdoor air regulations and guidelines related to ventilation, comfort, acoustics, and lighting. Some special indoor environments are still under discussion, e.g. in-vehicle indoor air quality. These data will be accessible in the upcoming months, starting from outdoor air, followed by lighting, acoustics, ventilation, and thermal comfort, although data for these parameters are still limited.

We welcome feedback and more data from ISIAQ community! Please visit the website and send us your feedback and ideas. Every visitor has an opportunity to report errors and/or send feedback, and committee members discuss comments during regular meetings. You can also send us an email.
We hope the database will be actively used to serve researchers, practitioners, and policymakers across the world!

Additional information
ISIAQ Scientific Technical Committee “STC34 IEQ Guidelines” was established in 2020, with an objective to develop an open database of worldwide IEQ guidelines. At this moment, the database contains information from about 40 countries and the group of active members of our committee consists of about 20 people with an additional group of 30-40 national contacts.

More background information can be found from an editorial published in Indoor Air (Toyinbo et al, 2022). A review and assessment of the existing guidelines in relation to immediate energy savings in building operation was published in Environment International (Dimitroulopoulou et al., 2023).
The database has been presented during ISIAQ conferences: HB 2021, IA 2022 and HB Europe 2023. Different stakeholders have been invited to discuss the database, review existing guidelines, and make recommendations for future development.
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