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Shining a Light: Indoor Air 2024's Conference Countdown Challenge

For years, the International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) has attracted researchers and other professionals to discuss the latest scientific advances and ongoing research in indoor environmental quality. ISIAQ's latest installment of Indoor Air, a well-established conference series with a science orientation, takes a big step towards shining a light on the latest developments in this field. Indoor Air 2024's premier Conference Countdown Challenge presents an engaging way to highlight findings and captivate the scientific community!
Starting July 10th, 2023, submissions of images related to the conference themes of health outcomes and exposure, air cleaning and filtration, sensors and monitoring, viral transmission, aerosols/particulate matter, etc..., will be showcased on in the form of a fun puzzle.  The scientific community will be able to compete to solve the puzzle for prizes while learning about some remarkable findings and outstanding researchers. 
Want to join the fun and have your work highlighted to the whole community?! Don't miss your chance to take the scientific community by storm. Visit or click the link here to submit your image, be highlighted, and learn about the Indoor Air 2024 conference. 
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