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2023 Annual Reports and General Meeting

The 2023 ISIAQ Board of Directors' and Trustees' Reports are available for review online

The Reports will be discussed and your questions answered at the Annual General Meeting held in conjunction with the Healthy Buildings Europe Conference in Aachen, Germany on June 13, 2023, 18:30-19:30 (CEST)

Virtual access will be available for all ISIAQ members to watch the Annual General Meeting. More information about access will be shared next month.
The 2023 Annual General Meeting will include discussion of a proposed amendment to the ISIAQ Bylaws. The proposed motion is available for review with the reports on the ISIAQ website. An electronic vote on the motion will be held in late June.
It is the right of a member who is unable to participate in person to appoint a proxy to exercise the same voting rights that the member appointing such a proxy would be entitled to exercise if present at the meeting. You may appoint a proxy by notifying the Secretariat via online form.
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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