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Indoor Air Journal Update

For over thirty years, the Wiley-owned Indoor Air journal has been the official journal of ISIAQ. We have enjoyed a long partnership with Wiley as Indoor Air brought together the international indoor air community. In June 2022, ISIAQ was informed that effective 1 January 2023, Indoor Air would transition to an Open Access journal as part of a new partnership with the online platform Hindawi. This move mandates different approaches to Editor and Editorial Board selection, adjustments to the journal’s scientific review processes, and changes ISIAQ’s financial relationship with the journal. Due to these changes, ISIAQ has made the difficult decision to discontinue its agreement with Wiley at the end of this calendar year. This is not done lightly, but to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Society and to protect its knowledge output.
With the Indoor Air transition to an Open Access journal beginning in January 2023, ISIAQ members will be able to access the journal’s new content without a paywall. Though this transition will not occur until January 2023, please note that any articles submitted October 11 and on will be subject to Open Access policies, including the mandatory Article Processing Charge (APC). We wish to draw your attention to this as it marks a significant change from acceptance requirements in the past.
We are especially grateful to the work of Editor-in-Chief Yuguo Li, Editor Emeritus William Nazaroff, the Associate Editors, and the Editorial Board of Indoor Air for their successes in growing the journal’s influence and impact. We recognize that the following members of the Indoor Air Editorial team and board will be stepping down from their role in the journal, and we thank them for their service:
Yuguo Li, Editor-in-Chief
Joseph G. Allen, Associate Editor
Gabriel Bekö, Associate Editor
Wolfram Birmili, Associate Editor
Orianne Dumas, Associate Editor
Patrick K. H. Lee, Associate Editor
Glenn C. Morrison, Associate Editor
Jordan Peccia, Associate Editor
Huey-Jen (Jenny) Su, Associate Editor
Michael Waring, Associate Editor
Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, Associate Editor
Yingxin Zhu, Associate Editor
Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, Editorial Board
Bert Brunekreef, Editorial Board
Christopher Chao, Editorial Board
Richard L. Corsi, Editorial Board
Qihong Deng, Editorial Board
Hugo Destaillats, Editorial Board
Jeroen Douwes, Editorial Board
Andrea Ferro, Editorial Board
Dusan Licina, Editorial Board
John C Little, Editorial Board
Li Liu, Editorial Board
Corinne Mandin, Editorial Board
Mark J. Mendell, Editorial Board
Donald K. Milton, Editorial Board
Lidia Morawska, Editorial Board
Catherine Noakes, Editorial Board
Jennifer Peel, Editorial Board
Hua Qian, Editorial Board
Tiina Reponen, Editorial Board
Tunga Salthammer, Editorial Board
Brett C. Singer, Editorial Board
Brent Stephens, Editorial Board
Shinichi Tanabe, Editorial Board
Julian Tang, Editorial Board
Kwok Wai Tham, Editorial Board
Pawel Wargocki, Editorial Board
Charles J. Weschler, Editorial Board
Naomich Yamamoto, Editorial Board
Ying Xu, Editorial Board
Hui-Ling Yen, Editorial Board
Yinping Zhang, Editorial Board
ISIAQ recognizes the importance of publications as a benefit to membership in the Society. As we look to the future, the Society will identify opportunities to amplify our members’ research, share scientific knowledge, and promote the study of indoor air and environment. To that end, we will hold two meetings in October via Zoom open to the membership to invite your feedback on publication needs and membership benefit requests. We welcome you to attend our meetings on Monday, October 17 at 8:00pm US/Eastern or on Wednesday, October 19 at 9:00am US/Eastern.
If you have any questions about your membership benefits as they relate to the Indoor Air journal, please contact the ISIAQ Secretariat at
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