Members ISIAQ STC 33

Members ISIAQ STC 33 – Thermal comfort
Yingxin Zhu             Chair
Runa T. Hellwig        Vice-Chair
Bin Cao                   Secretary

Takashi Akimoto
Edward Arens
Atze Boersta
Christhina Candido
David Kok Wai Cheong
Chungyoon Chun
Richard de Dear
Max Deuble
Joost van Hoof
Michael Humphreys
Henrik N. Knudsen
Baizhan Li
Arsen Melikov
Fergus Nicol
Naoe Nishihara
Bjarne W. Olesen
Ingrid Senitkova
Shinichi Tanabe
Kwok Wai Tham
Jorn Toftum
Georgios Vagiannis
Hui Zhang
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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