Members ISIAQ STC 11

Members ISIAQ STC11 Sources, Monitoring and Evaluation: Chemical Pollutants
Ying Xu                Chair
Tobias Schripp      Vice-chair           
Xiaoyu Liu            Secretary
Jan Rud Andersen
Jennifer Benning
Randy Carter
Wenhao Chen
Per Clausen
Steve Cox
Valérie Desauziers
Poppendieck, Dustin
Finn Englund
Lis Winther Funch
Marco Gariboldi
Vyt Garnys
Philippe Glorennec
Cindy Howard-Reed
Alfred T. Hodgson
Wolfgang Horn
Ken Krebs
Kazukiyo Kumagai
Sarka Langer
Annelise Larsen
Kiyoung Lee
Yirui Liang
John Little
Cong Liu
Mark Mason
Stephany Mason
Karen Mattson
Olivier Le Maugen
François Maupetit
Reinhard Oppl
Mark Polster
Lars Rosell
Hans Schleibinger
John R. Sebroski
Naohide Shinohara
Marianne Stranger
Shin-ichi Tanabe
Bob Thompson
Carl Thompson
Erik Uhde
Wenjuan Wei
Caroline Widdowson
Olaf Wilke
Doyun Won
Elizabeth Woolfenden
Peter Woods
Yaoxing Wu
Wei Ye
Yinping Zhang
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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