Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented at the Indoor Air Conference, in recognition of scholars who have made seminal contributions to the indoor air sciences through their career's work.
Indoor Air 2022Professor Olli Seppänen (Finland) In recognition of his scholarly lifelong contributions in construction research of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments.
Indoor Air 2020Professor Lars Mølhave (Denmark)The 2020 Life Achievement Award goes to Prof. Emeritus Lars Mølhave, associated earlier with the Department of Public Health, Institute of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at Aarhus University, Denmark. Dr. Mølhave was one of the founders of the TVOC concept and, through his research career, was involved in many activities related to setting standards and guidelines concerning exposures indoors. He collaborated with WHO and was a co-author of the Right to Healthy Indoor Air report and the declaration published by WHO.
Indoor Air 2018        Professor David Peter Wyon (Denmark) In recognition of the consistent, lifelong and outstanding scientific contributions to understanding the effects of indoor environment on human performance.    
Indoor Air 2016Professor Aino Nevalainen (Finland)In recognition of her scholarly contributions towards advancing knowledge in the indoor air sciences, especially microbial pollution and related health effects.
Indoor Air 2008    Professor Ib Andersen (Denmark)Professor Andersen was the first European scientist to conduct major studies on indoor air quality and its implications for human health. He conducted classic studies on formaldehyde emissions from building materials. He built the first indoor-air climate research group, in Aarhus, Denmark. Later, he transformed the Danish NIOSH into a center for indoor climate research, with subsequent contributions of worldwide significance. He was strongly involved in initiating the landmark study on office environments and health, the Danish Town Hall study. Professor Andersen also contributed significantly to the founding of ISIAQ, the Academy, and the journal "Indoor Air."

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