Coordinator of STCs - Richard Shaughnessy

Dr. Shaughnessy received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tulsa. He has served as Program Director of IAQ Research at the University of Tulsa since 1987. He has taught and conducted research abroad in locations including Singapore, China, Australia, Philippines, Finland, and South Africa.

He has published extensively on indoor air with respect to his research and studies. His interests are primarily in particulate research, air cleaner evaluation, indoor chemistry, school studies, flooring studies, asthma/housing research, and studies related to resolution and remediation of bioaerosol-related problems.

Dr. Shaughnessy served on the ACGIH Bioaerosols Committee from 1996 through December, 2003 and contributed to the writing of the 1999 ACGIH “Bioaerosols Assessment and Control” document. He was a primary task force member and moderator for the recent 2003 ACGIH-sponsored Symposium on Mold Remediation. He assisted in the development of IICRC’s S-520 document on mold remediation, serving on the Standards Committee and the S-520 Editing Committee.

He has been involved with ongoing asthma projects in the Laredo, TX/ Mexico border area to assist homeowners in reducing exposures to children related to environmental risks.

In addition, Dr Shaughnessy was the primary contractor, on behalf of CPSC, conducting a review of the health effects related to ozone in the indoor environment based on emissions from air cleaning products. Dr. Shaughnessy has worked on U.S.EPA grant projects since 1990 encompassing issues such as training development, course delivery and outreach, schools investigations, and implementation of the Tools for Schools Program. He is currently principal investigator on projects working with school districts on behalf of the US EPA in six different states to investigate problems in schools and provide low cost solutions to improve IAQ. His is also engaged in a nationwide HUD project designed to better define “normal” microbial ecology in homes in order to establish a refined end point for proper remediation of water damaged buildings.

Dr. Shaughnessy served as President of ISIAQ for 3 years 2010-2012. He also serves on two of ISIAQ’s Scientific Technical Committees, STC 13 on Microbials & STC 22 on Air Cleaning.

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