Affiliate Member Benefits

Affiliate members have access to a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your professional growth and involvement in the indoor air quality community. Benefits include:
Networking Opportunities: ISIAQ provides a global network of professionals, researchers, and experts in indoor air quality and climate, allowing members to connect and collaborate with peers worldwide.
Leadership Opportunities in ISIAQ Committees: Forge connections, collaborate with peers, and make a lasting impact on the indoor air quality community by taking part in ISIAQ committees. As an Affiliate member, you can contribute your expertise and participate in leadership roles within these committees, influencing the direction of the society and shaping the future of indoor air quality.
Free Access to Library of Specialized Webinars: Enhance your professional development with complimentary access to a library of specialized webinars. As an Affiliate member, you can access a wide range of webinars covering various aspects of indoor air quality, including emerging trends, technologies, research findings, and best practices. Stay informed and continuously expand your knowledge from the convenience of your own device.
Discounted Online/Virtual Rates for ISIAQ-Sponsored Conferences: As an Affiliate member, you are entitled to discounted rates for virtual attendance or presentation in ISIAQ-sponsored conferences. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, research, and insights in the field of indoor air quality.
Participation in ISIAQ Mentorship Program: Gain valuable guidance and support from experienced professionals in the industry through the ISIAQ Mentorship Program. As an Affiliate member, you have the opportunity to connect with mentors who can provide personalized advice, share their expertise, and help you navigate your career path within the indoor air quality community.
Promotion of Your Jobs to the IAQ Community/Access to Job Board: As an Affiliate member, you can promote job opportunities within your organization to the IAQ community. ISIAQ offers a dedicated job board where you can advertise positions, attracting talented professionals who are specifically interested in indoor air quality-related roles. Additionally, you gain access to the job board to explore career opportunities within the industry. Members can sign up to receive updates directly to their email when new jobs as posted.
Free Access to Conference Proceedings: Stay informed and expand your knowledge by accessing conference proceedings at no additional cost. As an Affiliate member, you can delve into the comprehensive collection of research papers, presentations, and materials from past ISIAQ conferences. This valuable resource enables you to delve deeper into specific topics and stay at the forefront of indoor air quality advancements.
Become an Affiliate member of ISIAQ today and unlock a wealth of benefits that will empower your career, expand your professional network, and keep you at the forefront of the indoor air quality field. Join us in our mission to promote healthy and sustainable indoor environments for all.
Corporate and Other Organizational Members
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