2008 Academy Awards

The Academy of Fellows Awards were presented at Indoor Air 2008.

The Academy selected Dr. Henry Cahyadi Willem (Singapore) to receive the 2008 Yaglou Award, which acknowledges outstanding work of young promising researchers within the indoor air sciences.

Best paper awards for papers published in Indoor Air during 2005-2007 were granted to these three papers:
  • Y Li et al., Role of air distribution in SARS transmission during the largest nosocomial outbreak in Hong Kong (Indoor Air 15, 83, 2005).
  • MJ Mendell and GA Heath, Do indoor pollutants and thermal conditions in schools influence student performance? A critical review of the literature (Indoor Air 15, 27, 2005).
  • MR Hirvonen et al., Bacterial strains from moldy buildings are highly potent inducers of inflammatory and cytotoxic effects (Indoor Air 15, 65, 2005).

ISIAQ Student Achievement awards were presented to:
  • Beverly Coleman (USA)
  • Zuraimi Bin Mohammed Sultan (Singapore)
  • Chi Phuong Hoang (USA)

Student Paper awards were presented to:
  • Donghyun Rim (USA)
  • Chi Phuong Hoang (USA)
  • Michael Waring (USA)

Professor Ib Andersen (Denmark) was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award at the opening ceremonies of Indoor Air 2008. Professor Andersen was the first European scientist to conduct major studies on indoor air quality and its implications for human health. He conducted classic studies on formaldehyde emissions from building materials. He built the first indoor-air climate research group, in Aarhus, Denmark. Later, he transformed the Danish NIOSH into a center for indoor climate research, with subsequent contributions of worldwide significance. He was strongly involved in initiating the landmark study on office environments and health, the Danish Town Hall study. Professor Andersen also contributed significantly to the founding of ISIAQ, the Academy, and the journal "Indoor Air."

The Pettenkofer Gold Medal is awarded triennially by the Academy to an individual in recognition of outstanding work in advancing the indoor air sciences. The medal, which is the Academy's highest award, honors Prof. Max von Pettenkofer as the founder of modern hygiene with his pioneering work on CO2 and IAQ. The 2008 Pettenkofer Gold Medal was awarded to Professor John D. Spengler (USA) for his many contributions over multiple decades to scholarship, community, and education in the indoor air sciences.
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